Alex Borstein & The Amstergang

Alex Borstein is one of the most influential characters in
the American alternative entertainment scene of recent
years. Actress, screenwriter, producer, dubber and
singer, for years we have found her in the most
renowned television, animation and film productions of
the moment. Not surprisingly, she has been the voice of
the beloved Lois Griffin in Family Guy for almost two
decades or, more recently, the iconic manager in the
very famous cult series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Original, fun, committed and scathing, the actress lives
halfway between New York and Barcelona, where she
settled a few years ago and, it was precisely in
Barcelona, where she has uncovered one of her most
hidden talents, her original songs and hilarious versions
of classics, within a formula halfway between the
musical show and the classic stand-up comedy format. In
short, a unique and super exclusive opportunity to see
the extraordinary talent of a unique artist and…