Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox in conversation with Sarah Natasha Melbye in Oslo, and Kristoffer Triumf in Stockholm.

The story of Amanda Knox divided a whole world – was she guilty or innocent? She was an ordinary American college student who moved to Italian Perugia to study Italian. One morning of November 2007, her whole world turned upside down when she came home and found the front door broken, windows shattered and blood in the bathroom. When police arrived, they kicked in the door to the bedroom that belonged to Amanda’s British roommate and found her friend brutally stabbed to death.

The suspicion was quickly directed at Amanda and her Italian boyfriend. It was the start of a seven-year long nightmare that lasted until Knox finally was acquitted by Italy’s supreme court. On October 22, she will tell her fateful story in conversation with Sarah Natasha Melbye at Folketeateret, and on October 24 she will be in Stockholm to talk with Kristoffer Triumf at China Teatern.

The arrest of Amanda and her boyfriend received enormous attention worldwide. Without concrete evidence, Amanda was sentenced to 26 years in prison and was in an Italian prison for a total of four years until she was acquitted. In 2013 the murder case was reopened and this time she was sentenced to 28 ½ years in prison, but was completely exonerated in 2015 by Italy’s supreme court.

About Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was born in 1987 in Seattle, where she grew up with her mother and stepfather. She finished high school in 2005 and continued to study languages at the University of Washington. After two years of studies, she moved to Perugia in Italy to study at the State University of Stranieri (University of Foreign Students).

After the acquittal from Italy’s supreme court, Amanda resumed to her university studies in Washington, graduated and began working as a freelance journalist for a daily newspaper in Seattle. In 2013, the book “Waiting To Be Heard: A Memoir” was published about her experiences, and the Netflix documentary “Amanda Knox” was released in 2016. Knox is also active as a lecturer for American The Innocence Project, an organization of law students under the guidance of established lawyers who work with litigation in case of doubt.

About Sarah Natasha Melbye

Melbye is a famous presenter and journalist for most Norwegians and has worked in both radio and television for a long time. She has led programs such as Tid For Reise, Farmen, Gullfisken, Vil Du Bli Millionær?, Sarahs Fornemmelse Av Kultur, Big Brother and Ettermiddagen. The former TV 2 profile went into the publishing industry as a PR manager for Juritzen-forlag in 2015, and now works as publishing director for Pilar and Capitana.

About Kristoffer Triumf

Triumf runs the podcast Värvet, one of Sweden’s most downloaded podcasts, where he interviews a selection of interesting people, both well-known and less famous, in an hour-long section. In 2013 Kristoffer Triumf was nominated for “Stora journalistpriset” in the category “Årets förnyare” for his work with Värvet. Triumf formerly worked as a writer on Nöjesguiden between 1994 and 1998, and later as a copywriter for web agencies. In 2007 he won “guldägget” for his work with Absolut Vodka. After several years in the industry, he started working with TV instead. He has among other things worked as an editor for Filip and Fredrik’s program Breaking News, and in November 2011, Triumf made his own debut as a stand-up comedian.