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Daniel Sloss

Daniel Sloss – “Now”

Daniel Sloss is just 26 years old but has been on a constant tour of Europe, the United States and Australia for eight years – the newspaper Herald Scotland called him a stand-up veteran when he was 24 years old.

Sloss is a favorite of Conan O’Brien and has performed seven times on his show; at the humor festival Edinburgh Fringe nine times to an audience of over 10,000 people each time; made a Tedx Talk when he was only 19 years old; two off-Broadway solo seasons and is the youngest stand-up comedian ever made a solo season in London’s West End.

Sloss has become famous for his timidness, wit and sharp jokes about both respect and disrespect, and he does not fear controversial subjects.

This fall he is back in Stockholm again for the fourth time with his tenth solo performance “Daniel Sloss: NOW”.

Everything began with Daniel, who grew up in Fife, Scotland, as a small boy to accompany his father to Edinburgh Fringe to watch comedians. When he was only 16, he decided to try to stand up himself:

– I love making people laugh. I have always done that, says Daniel Sloss.

Author: acomicsoul_admin

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