Jim Jefferies



Slovenians will have a rare opportunity to catch the intimate dry impromptu performance by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies next week, due to the recording of the segment in Sevnica for his new TV show on the US Comedy Central Station.

In March, Comedy Central confirmed that it had been agreed for the weekly show with Jim Jefferies, in which the latter traveled the world and studied all the latest news and controversy. “In addition to talking about Donald Trump because he, unfortunately, simply can not be avoided,” they said in the official press release.

Jefferies has recently been involved in a heated debate about Donald Trump the show Real Time with Piers Morgan, whose video went viral around the world. Moreover, Jeffries concludes his tour of “The Unusual Punishment Tour,” which he performed around the world on the wings of a recent “comedy SPECIAL” Freedumb, which was released last summer on Netflix. World Jefferies attracted attention in 2008 when he was attacked because of their jokes on stage in a club the Comedy Store in Manchester, and later recording on DVD. The Americans met him a year later in the show, “I Swear to God,” which was produced by HBO, two years ago, he created the TV series Legit station FX.

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