Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies – “The Unusual Punishment Tour”

Jim Jefferies impressed strongly when he was here with his previous tour with the legendary show “BARE”, which further led to the self-titled late night show “The Jim Jefferies Show”. The popular talk show got a lot of attention when Brad Pitt was a meteorologist and reported global warming. He was fired after a few episodes because Jefferies meant he “felt he did not conduct the weather forecast in an efficient way” (Trump pun). He later admitted that it may also be because Brad Pitt actually has a movie career.

In his native country, Australia, he put the minds in a cuckoo when he did stand up about rape, and many Americans left him hesitant when he continued to go hard against gun control. Nevertheless, it would soon turn out that many also loved it, for now he has moved to the United States and provokes them on a daily basis. This has also led to the Mayor of the US city of Reno, now having announced that September 9th is the International “Anti Jim Jefferies Day”.

“Probably the Australian with the greatest influence in the United States since Crocodile Dundee,” says Henrik Richter Schie in A Comic Soul before continuing. “He has moved from being a controversial newcomer to being a world star both on stage and on screen. This tour has already started in the United States and got critics to give 5-star reviews time after time. We are very excited that he has said yes to do the show here in Europe too!”

“Freedumb” was the name of his previous tour, and it is now on Netflix as his third comedy special for them, and his seventh in total in 8 years! The major breakthrough came in 2009 with the critically acclaimed HBO special ‘I Swear to God’, followed by ‘Alcoholocaust’ and from there success was a fact.

“I stand behind everything I say, but I do not always mean it … just most of the time”. That sentence has been a reminder when confronted with the issues that he addresses. With a title like “The Unusual Punishment”, you may want to keep that in mind when coming to the show.