Jonis Goes Sightseeing

Jonis Goes Sightseeing is a brand new web series with the Norwegian stand-up comedian as host. Every week you can follow Jonis all around the world where he meets some of the greatest stand-up comedians in the world.

Jonis Josef is a Norwegian stand-up comedian who made his debut in 2014 who quickly became a crowd pleaser. He is also well accustomed in front of the TV screen, with Jonis Josef Live at NRK, as well as guest on TV shows like Nytt På Nytt and Lindmo. He has also performed with his stand-up shows in Amsterdam and London, as well as the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Check out the first episode with Russell Kane here:

In the first episode he visits Russell Kane in his hometown of London where he gets a sightseeing trip few have experienced before him. For instance, Jonis gets a behind-the-scenes tour at the famous Comedy Store. In the next episodes Jonis travels to New York where he meets Andrew Schulz, Liz Miele and Ari Shaffir.

Check out the second episode with Andrew Schulz here:

In the second episode Jonis visits Andrew Schulz where he grew up in NYC. In this episode the two of them gets a surprise visit from Andrew’s parents and Andrew hooks Jonis up with a stand-up gig in one of the famous comedy clubs in New York.

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