Josh Berry

Josh Berry began his career doing impressions of tennis players, appearing on the BBC’s Live @ Wimbledon aged just 16. He later came to the attention of Andy Murray, who greatly increased Berry’s visibility by retweeting one of his videos. In 2018, they appeared on screen together when Murray played a sports reporter interviewing Berry in his Murray guise. In the same year, Berry took his show Voice Thief to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. And in 2019, he returned to the Fringe to perform Josh Berry: Who Does He Think He Is?, a show based on impressions of celebrities including James Acaster and Louis Theroux. He has been on BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack and Radio 4’s Dead Ringers.

Os his new show, Josh Berry explores his own fragile masculinity and the inner vestiges of his subconscious through a plethora of characters and impressions. He’ll also belittle the audience for their life decisions and psychological make up.