My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder – Live

My Favorite Murder has taken crimes buffs all over the world with storm since its debut in January 2016. It’s about something unlikely as a crime comedy podcast. Behind is the stand-up comedian and television writer Karen Kilgariff, who has been the main author of Ellen DeGene’s show, and TV personality and programmer for the Cooking Channel, Georgia Hardstark.

With this podcast, the American ladies have hit previous download records and triggered an enthusiastic and devoted “Murderino” fan base who wewnt crazy for their nationwide tour this spring.

Every week, Kilgariff and Hardcore take on crime stories from reality, ranging from obscure series masters from the 16th century to famous monsters like Ted Bundy. They balance comedy with insights, often talk about their own challenges and their fans have contributed to the show’s huge popularity. The show is fascinating and easy-going – and absolutely addictive.

The show is usually featured on iTunes top 10 of Top Comedy Podcast chart, and My Favorite Murder has been featured in the Entertainment Weekly and The Rolling Stone magazine.

“My Favorite Murder” started by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark working through their own fears. Now it has become a worldwide movement. (Rolling Stone magazine)

Tickets for sale October 27th 10:00

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