Nisse Hallberg


Why is it so hard to state your opinion? And why does Nisse always get in trouble when he does? After 34 years of being afraid of conflicts, Nisse is tired of it. So much that it turned into a 70-minute-long stand-up show.  “Trött” (“Tired”) is about being afraid of conflicts and how bad that fits with being a comedian. During the fall of 2018, Nisse will be touring with his second solo show, starting this October.

Nisse Hallberg had his breakthrough in 2014 and has since gotten several awards and homage for his honest and openhearted stand-up.  Last year he toured with his well-received show “Jag är sjuk” (“I’m sick”) about hypochondria and a self-medicating lifestyle. When it comes to talking about his own condition, both physical and mental, Nisse has always been transparent.

I have never been afraid of talking about difficult stuff when it comes to myself. I think actually no one was able to avoid knowing how I was doing through the years. But when it came to having opinions, it was a bit harder”, Nisse says

With his strong radiance and authenticity, he distinguishes himself from his colleagues in comedy. In 2015 he received an award at the Swedish comedy gala for “Newcomer of the year”, and has since that continued doing his tragicomically stand-up.

“A colleague once said to me “we kind of know all of you now, but only almost, it would be nice to also get to know what you actually think” – then it hit me, I actually don’t fucking care about stuff. I sat down and tried to write down my opinions and at first the only thing that I had written was “I think everyone should be nice”, which pissed me off. So I forced myself to dare to care and then it just came to me, and that’s when I decided to write a new show about the topic”Nisse finishes.

TRÖTT” is premiering on October 10thin Gävle and will be touring around Sweden until the start of December. We are pleased to announce that Nisse Hallberg will also stop by Oslo and Internasjonalen on October 18th.


Nisse is performing on a regular basis in stand-up clubs around Sweden. In 2015 he received an award at the Swedish comedy gala for “Newcomer of the year”. In 2017 he toured with his first solo show “Jag är sjuk”. He has released over 200 episodes of the podcast “Nisse å den där äldre” (“Nisse and that old person”) and he can be seen in the new show “Släng mig i Brunnen (“Throw me in the well”) on SVT. He can also be seen in “Mammor” (Swedish TV3), “Brevfilmen” (SVT) and “Manick” (TV6)