Ready Player 3

Join an evening with Game Grumps and Jacksepticeye for a live gaming event you will not want to miss! The three are now ready to travel around the world with their new gaming show, where they will play their favorite games, comment on each other hard and generally have fun, just as they are known for on YouTube. Together they have over 20 million followers on YouTube alone and it’s growing at record speed!

In Norway, we have big YouTubers like Noobwork and PrebzOgDennis, and this is a world-wide phenomenon that spreads with record speed. We know that there are many fans of these guys here too in Norway, so we are glad to be early on bringing this to the scene here in the country, because it is still relatively new.

The evening ends with a big Q & A, where everything is allowed to ask, especially since the answers often end up with completely different stories than what is asked. Hysterically funny is it anyway, and that’s what we love them for.