Scribble Showdown

For the first time ever! Scribble Showdown, the preeminent live improv animation game show, makes its long awaited debut in the UK & EU! YES! The whole crew is coming – Odd1sOutJaidenAnimations, DomicsRubberRoss, and our fearless host Egoraptor aka Arin Hanson of Game Grumps!
The biggest, boldest, dreamteam in YouTube animation created an amazing evening of entertainment for fans of all ages. Watch as the animators battle it out using their talent, wit, and, most importantly, the audience to win it all! This is not to be missed – purchase your tickets now as they will go fast! 
Hanson, Co-host of the popular YouTube channel, Game Grumps developed the live show alongside the creative team at his Touring company, Real Good Touring, inc. RGT, Inc. has recently announced 10 international tours for popular digital talent and has grown exponentially since it first opened its doors in 2017.