We’re now offering season passes!

See as much stand-up you want in Europe in 2019!

Reserve the best seats to you and your friends and family before everyone else!

See comedians like Michael McIntyre, Bill Burr, Dara Ó Briain, Jimmy Carr, Eddie Izzard, and John Cleese anywhere in Europe!

In a very limited number, we are now offering season passes that give you access to every show we do, everywhere. There’s a very limited number of passes for sale, they will be valid for the entire year of 2019.


At – you’ll see what’s announced for next year already. There’s no current overview of all shows that are included in the pass. And there won’t be until the pass has been valid and in use for a long time. New shows and tours are constantly confirmed throughout the year and will be added to this page. Season pass holders will also be notified by email every time a new show is confirmed.

To our best knowledge, this is the only ticket available that allows access to fantastic stand up all over Europe.

What is included in the seasonal pass?:

  • All of the shows promoted by A Comic Soul in 2019
  • The opportunity to reserve the best seats before they are officially out for sale.
  • The opportunity to reserve seats for friends and family that aren’t card holders next to you. This also applies before the event is officially on sale and will allow you to invite friends to sit in the best seats in the house together with you.
  • Season pass holder will become members of an exclusive mailing list where they’ll be notified about new shows that are announced at the same time as the press.

How does the pass work?:

  • Pass gets an email about all new events as described above. All you need to do then is press reply to the email and write your name and pass number. Include any other information you want us to have, such as reserving seats for friends etc. The pass holder will always get the best seats available at the time of order. 
  • As a pass holder, you can reserve tickets to any show at all times, also at a time later than described above, by sending an email to the same mailing address. 
  • Shortly after you have booked one or more seats, you’ll get a confirmation email with further information on how to pick up your ticket. If you’ve booked tickets for friends as well there will be a reference number for them as well.
  • There will be no extra fee’s, ticket surcharges or any other later fee’s for the pass holder what so ever. But if you also reserve tickets for friends they will have to pay the going rates off course. It will be organized through a reference number and create no extra labor for the cardholder besides communicating that number to her or his friends.

The season pass will give you the right to see all the artists and shows announced on, but there are some reservations:

  • There have to be seats left upon the time of reservation. You can easily see if there are tickets left by yourself at If there are tickets left you will get one. As a pass holder you will also be notified of all new announcements right away (described above) and before they go on sale towards the general public, so as long as you respond within a reasonable time you are guaranteed to get a seat.
  • The season pass will give you the opportunity to see an artist once. You can therefore not see the same artist’s show around Europe.
  • The season pass is personal and can not be used by any other person. The season pass holder has to bring valid identification whim them to the venue.