“Inside The Staircase: Lies, Fake Science, and the Owl Theory – An Evening with David Rudolf from Netflix’s The Staircase and Jerry Buting from Netflix’s Making a Murderer”

Join David Rudolf, the defense attorney for Michael Peterson in the hit Netflix documentary series The Staircase, and Jerry Buting, the defense attorney in the hit Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, for an evening of discussion into the intimate details of the cases and the series. David will discuss the conflicts he wrestled with in determining whether to let the filmmakers follow him, his client and his trial preparation, and his insights into the most curious and contentious issues in the case, including the blood spatter evidence, the bisexuality and Germany evidence, the discovery of the blow poke, and the genesis of the Owl Theory.

David Rudolf is one of the pre-eminent trial lawyers in the country, specializing in high-profile and complex criminal and civil rights cases.   Mr. Rudolf has been listed for more than twenty-five years in the Best Lawyers in America and was one of only three criminal defense lawyers recently selected for the inaugural class of the North Carolina Lawyer Hall of Fame. In recent years, in addition to securing acquittals in two high-profile federal and state criminal trials, he has successfully represented individuals in civil litigation against law enforcement agencies arising from wrongful convictions.  Rudolf has taught Trial Advocacy at the UNC School of Law and for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and Criminal Litigation at Duke University School of Law. He has also been recognized for his work with professional organizations, serving in various leadership positions in the ABA Criminal Justice Section, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers and Advocates for Justice.  Most recently, he has received world-wide acclaim for his representation of Michael Peterson in The Staircaseon Netflix.

Jerome F. Buting is a shareholder in the Brookfield, Wisconsin law firm of Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. He received his undergraduate degree in Forensic Studies from Indiana University and his law degree from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is a past director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a past president of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. His present private practice is entirely criminal defense, both trials and appeals. His first book, published by Harper Collins, is due out in 2017.