My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder – Live My Favorite Murder has taken crimes buffs all over the world with storm since its debut in January 2016. It’s about something unlikely as a crime comedy podcast. Behind is the stand-up comedian and television writer Karen Kilgariff, who has been the main author of Ellen DeGene’s show, and TV […]

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies – “The Unusual Punishment Tour” Jim Jefferies impressed strongly when he was here with his previous tour with the legendary show “BARE”, which further led to the self-titled late night show “The Jim Jefferies Show”. The popular talk show got a lot of attention when Brad Pitt was a meteorologist and reported global […]

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings er en av de største humorstjernene på YouTube og etter utsolgte hus forrige gang kommer hun endelig tilbake til Norge! Hennes parodi på en usjenert tenåring, som uten selvinnsikt publiserer filmer på nettet, har blitt en enestående suksess med millioner av abonnenter og mange dedikerte fans, “Mirfandas”, over hele verden.

James Veitch

James Veitch – “Dot Con” He is responsible for the fastest TED Talk episode ever reaching 10 million views. Comedian, musician and author James Veitch has quickly become known for his shamelessly nerdy image and witty content that captures both the nerds and the general population with his humor. A self-appointed former Apple Store genius, […]

Katt Williams

“11:11 RNS World Tour” Soon after 20 years in the industry, it must soon be possible to characterize Katt Williams as a legendary comedian, and it is impressive to see how he has held his position through these years. In addition, he is a world-renowned actor, rapper and generally an excellent entertainer. His humor has […]

Jimmy Carr

JIMMY CARR – LIVE in Mallorca! THE BEST OF, ULTIMATE, GOLD, GREATEST HITS TOUR JIMMY IS GATHERING A SELECTION OF HIS VERY BEST JOKES ALONG WITH BRAND NEW MATERIAL FOR THE ULTIMATE COMEDY SHOW. THIS IS THE VERY BEST OF JIMMY CARR. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: This time the Auditorium De Palma De Mallorca will be joined by A […]