James Veitch

James Veitch – “Dot Con”

He is responsible for the fastest TED Talk episode ever reaching 10 million views. Comedian, musician and author James Veitch has quickly become known for his shamelessly nerdy image and witty content that captures both the nerds and the general population with his humor.

A self-appointed former Apple Store genius, so it goes without saying that humor is characterized by our ever-changing digital life, fast and overwhelming technological advancement, and all that brings with it. His shows have previously explored everyday tech we eventually take for granted but also retro gaming and how to find love through troubleshooting theory.

If you have a hint of nerd in you, this show is a must, but it’s impossible to not get fascinated by his thoughts and theories of technology that surround us every day and what it does to us.

He has not just relaxed over the years since he broke through and his last three tours have all gone for sold out houses in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, he has written two seasons of the viral hit show “Scamalot” on Mashable for having something to do in his spare time.