Katt Williams

“11:11 RNS World Tour”

Soon after 20 years in the industry, it must soon be possible to characterize Katt Williams as a legendary comedian, and it is impressive to see how he has held his position through these years. In addition, he is a world-renowned actor, rapper and generally an excellent entertainer.

His humor has always had a political undertone, and he has occasionally made discussions about topics such as racial relations, police violence and street life. This time there are conspiracy theories and their sometimes fanatical believers to be reviewed. The end is near, aliens are among us, we never landed on the moon and all TV channels send out thought waves created by the CIA. Some of it may be true, but we’ll be waiting to hear what Katt has to say about the matter.

His humor has always been accurate, and with such a wild theme as conspiracy theories, I feel that we can expect a show that tops most of what he has done before. It fits him perfectly and it’s almost strange he has not done it before. It is also his first visit to Norway, if we´re not wrong.

An additional aspect of watching Katt Williams live is that he is hugely concerned with fashion and clothes so it’s never boring to see what he has chosen to wear at the shows. It’s mostly custom-designed clothes, and he designs many of them themselves. Now you have the opportunity to see and hear him alive!